Rory Gallagher - For The Last Time

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Rory Gallagher - For The Last Time
From his first solo album, 1971
Love this track. And yes, the guitar solo does eventually end.
You've done me wrong,
For the last time,
You've sung your song,
Now I'm going to sing mine,
Out loud, so loud,
Like the roaring sea.
You've played around,
For the last time,
You've shown your claws,
Now I'm going to show mine,
Watch out, I'll be about,
In the night.
You ran around,
Since the very first day,
You've had your moment,
Now I'm gonna have my play,
So long, I'll be gone,
In the night.
You put me down,
For the very last time,
I hit the floor,
But I got up on the count of nine,
Goodbye, don't cry,
When I'm gone.

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