T.Rex 'Jeepster'

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Hey Cats
No one knows exactly when this promo film was made, there is no mention of it in the excellent book by Cliff McLenehan - A Chronology - which is a day by day account of Marc's life!
Although 'Jeepster' was a Uk No.2 smash in November 1971 it is assumed this promo was made by T.Rex's European label and judging by the confidence of the performance could have been shot during the short European tour of January 1972. A video for 'Get It On (Bang A Gong)' was also shot at the same time and again is amazing.
Against Marc's wishes 'Jeepster' was taken as a single from the T.Rex album 'Electric Warrior' released in September 1971. If you only ever buy one T.Rex album make sure it's this one! Marc refused to promote the single in the Uk hence there are no Top Of The Pops performances, fortunately he changed his mind when it came to America and made this fantastic clip!
Apart from promo films made by The Beatles and The Stones, T.Rex can probably claim to be the 3rd act ever to make videos!
This video and 'Get It On (Bang A Gong)' are now available to buy on the DVD 'The Final Word' which is an amazing documentary and includes extra footage of Tony Visconti dissecting the recording process for 'Ride A White Swan' and 'Jeepster'!
It's now easy to keep a little Marc in your heart.
Dylan White

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